Wednesday, February 29, 2012

While Standing in line at the Checkout Counter....

As I was waiting in the check out line of Home Goods  this delightful book just caught my eye and I just had to get out of the line to check it out. The pages were filled with delicious recipes and gorgeous photos and I was totally mesmerized as I turned the pages. And wow the price was only $3.99. I thought what a buy!! So of course it just fell into my cart with the few other things I was purchasing.

  French Macaroons are all the rage now and I've wanted to try making some. So here is a little peak into this book. Its jammed packed with wonderful recipes and photos.

          French Macaroons  

 Front Cover 

Introductory Pages

Basic Instructions

Sweetheart Macaroons
These would be perfect for a Shower, wedding, anniversary or Valentines Day

Back Cover

Isn't this just a charming cook book. It's 80 pages full of the most luscious photos, recipes, how to's and tips. I'm so excited to start making these. Have you made these? How did you like them? Dying to hear from you all. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated!!


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Friday, February 24, 2012

My Mardi Gras Table

And here we are....what I've been dying to show you...TaDa.....

My Mardi Gras Tablescape
The tablecloth is actually a beautiful deep purple satin. And its cut as a square. The color does not hold true here in the photo. But it is because I'm still learning to edit and adjust the color ratios of the photos.

The chargers are a bright green. The color is not true here. But I purchased them at Walmart for $1 each at Christmas time.

The plates are Noritake that I got on sale on clearance many years ago for only $2 each. What a buy!
This is the centerpiece. I bought it at either a party store or a dollar store a few years back. It went perfectly with the little Mardi Gras paper salad plates.

The mask at the top of the centerpiece I cut out of one of the small paper Mardi Gras plates. I glued it on to a dowel and stuck it into the middle of the centerpiece. I put the little centerpiece in a small square vase and then strands of  Mardi Gras beads to hold it up and keep it in place. I then set it on another gold doily in the middle of the table and put more strands of beads all around it. 

 I purchased the beads at the dollar store. There were 6 in a package of purple, green and gold. They were so inexpensive that I bought several packages. Some as plain beads, some with crowns and some with little coins in the various colors.

The napkins are paper and I purchased three of each of the Mardi Gras Colors, purple, gold and green. Another dollar store purchase.

To do what I did you open them up and lay them on top of each other changing the way each layer lays as shown in the picture.

Then with your fingers and thumb grab the bottom and  gather at the bottom. (See photo) Then carefully put it into your glass or goblet. (See next photo) These crystal glasses my daughter brought me from Romania when she was on a High School Band tour in Europe. They really are beautiful.

The gold doilies you can purchase at party, discount or dollar stores. These were less than $2 for the whole package of them. The MardiGras little plates I purchased on sale for half off at a party store a year or two ago. They really add color and theme to the table. The masks came 6 in a package for $1 at the dollar store.

The table turned out so beautifully and I was so pleased. My oldest grand daughter walked in as I was getting it ready for Fat Tuesday's Mardi Gras dinner and just squealed with delight.  It's always so fun to have your family love, appreciate and enjoy what you are doing.

THANKYOU for being with me today. I love to have you visit!


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Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Mardi Gras Time

Today  I'm going to share with you a tradtional cajun dish JAMBALAYA that we will be eating for 'Fat Tuesday' which is tomorrow. Let's get to the good stuff... the recipe and eating.

     Jambalaya...A New Orleans Tradition
    I've had this delicious, easy and fast recipe for years and have enjoyed making it many many times. Hope you'll try it.

  Jambalaya  (Absolutely delicious and easy)

2 T. butter
1 medium onion, coarsely chopped
1 medium green pepper, coarsely chopped
½  - 1 lb. cooked Polish Sausage or Kielbasa Sausage, cut into ¼ - ½ inch slices
½ - 1 lb. frozen large cooked shrimp, thawed
16 oz. can tomatoes with green pepper & onion, undrained and cut up
14 ½ oz. can chicken broth
6 oz. can tomato paste
¾ cup uncooked long grain rice
2 teaspoons sugar
1 teaspoon thyme leaves
½ teaspoon garlic powder
1/8 teaspoon (or more to taste) cayenne pepper
1/8 teaspoon ground pepper
1 bay leaf

In a large dutch oven, melt the butter and sauté onion and green pepper for  3-4 minutes or until tender. Stir in remaining ingredients accept  for shrimp and blend well. Cover and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes or until rice is tender and most of the liquid has been absorbed, stirring occasionally. Add the defrosted shrimp the last 5 to 10 minutes to heat through.  Remove bay leaf. Serve with Crusty Bread and a Green Salad. 

Here is another Jambalaya recipe from Taste of Home that has been tauted to be pretty authentic. Go check it out. It had good reviews.

     Captain Russells Jambalaya
Captain Russell's Jambalaya Recipe

THANKYOU for joining me today to help celebrate Mardi Gras here on my blog. The next few days we will be continuing the party. So come on back!!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Banners and Headers for my Blog and other 'Profound' Subjects:)

Hello all my delightful readers. I have just put up a new header/banner. And it's in Pink. I do love Pink (and red too). And the last two headers/banners I did all by myself. I'm sure you're saying well 'big deal'. But for me learning how to do things on blogger has been daunting to say the least. Its a slow process to teach an old dog new tricks. I am, however, learning more and more each day so this is a real milestone for me. Now its on to widgets and  gadgets and more! (smile).

 These are my headers since I first started in mid November. And I'm sure there will be more in the future as time goes on. I really want to do one with some of my beautiful foods too since this blog is more about Food And Tables then anything else. But one step at a time here.            
 Tell Me Which One Do YOU like Best? And Why
(Please answer in comment section....nothing like putting you on the spot. Smile)

      February 18, 2012


                                            February 11-18, 2012                              

            January 18 - February 11, 2012

       January  1 - 18, 2012

       December 2011

      November 2012  

THANKS for joining me on my little journey through blog headers. I was just tickled that I actually got my second blog header/banner up by myself and wanted to share it with someone. And you dear readers are 'that' someone.


Pink Saturday

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Darling Dinner for Two... or more.

Valentines Dinner was at home and I made a simple menu that we loved. There was not alot of time to make dinner in the first place so here for your enjoyment is what we had. And we LOVED everybite.

    Fresh Fried Shrimp and the
 you have ever tasted!!

Of course the tartar sauce is from scratch/homemade (recipe below) and it is claimed to be the same Tartar Sauce that you get at the famous seafood Restaurant whose name is R..L....... I got the recipe from a friend who got it from 'Top Secret Recipes.' I honestly don't know if its the exact recipe or not but as far as I'm concerned its a dead ringer. 

See all those little delicious tidbits of yumminess just swimming around in there. Wow they make this sauce taste like a million dollars. And here it the recipe.

R.. L...... Tartar Sauce
1/3 cup Miracle Whip Salad Dressing

2/3 cup Sour cream
1/4 cup Confectioner's Sugar
3 Tablespoons sweet white onion, chopped fine
2 Tablespoons sweet pickle relish from jar with the relish juice
3 Teaspoons carrot, chopped fine
1/4 Teaspoon salt
Chop the sweet white onion in food processor, put in small container
and set aside. Chop carrot in food processor, and add to onion.
Mix in remaining ingredients and stir to blend thoroughly.
Do not use electric mixer. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight
to let flavors blend.    DELICIOUS!!!!

I also made my very easy and 
 Fabulous High Heat Salted Baked Potatoes These are to die! They are also a recipe from R..L....... One night several years ago when we were having dinner there I asked the manager how the potatoes were made. He said after washing and drying the potatoes rub generously with softened butter and roll them in course salt. Then slightly brush to take some of of the salt off but leaving on a good coating on. Then bake in a 475 degree oven for 50 minutes. That's it!  We add sour cream and cheese and sometimes chives and they are worth every bite.                                         

And lastly here is The Boccoli Salad recipe that you have all asked for.

 Fresh Broccoli Salad
2 Tablespoon butter
1 (3 ounce) package Oriental-flavor ramen noodle soup, seasoning packet reserved
1/2 cup slivered almonds
1 (16 ounce) package broccoli coleslaw
1 (16 oz.) package broccoli florets
4 green onions thinly sliced (green part only)

1 cup sunflower seeds (I used 1/2 cup salted and 1/2 cup unsalted)
1/2 cup salad oil
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup white sugar
2 tablespoons soy sauce
Reserved packet from Ramen noodles 
Whisk together the salad oil, vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, and reserved seasoning packet in a separate bowl; Let sit about two hours. You will have to stir it occasionally.

Melt butter in a frying pan. Crush the ramen noodles into small pieces; stir the crushed noodles and almonds, into the butter and cook until golden brown.
Break up the broccoli florets into smaller pieces. Put about 4 cups water on to boil. When boiling, add the florets to the water and blanch them for ONE minute. Quickly remove the broccoli with a wire strainer and immediately put them into a bowl of ice water. This brings out the bright green color of the broccoli without cooking it.
Toss the strained cold broccoli florets, the coleslaw mix and the green onions  in a large bowl. Add the sunflower seeds, ramen noodles and almonds. Toss to blend.

When ready to serve pour the dressing over the salad and toss. Serve. Expect rave reviews.
NOTE: If you need to stretch the salad add a small torn bunch of romaine hearts to the salad. I have done this in the past and it has worked out well

Well there you have it. A simple but delicious meal we so enjoyed for Valentines Day. You don't always have to go out for a special occassion when you can make a fabulous one at home for a fraction of the cost and probably in the same amount of time it would take you to dress up and drive to the restaruant. So...ENJOY!

THANKYOU for joining me today. It is always such a pleasure to have you with come.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How Do I Love Thee....Let Me Count the Ways

Happy Valentines Day to you All. It has been a simple but very special day for us today and I wanted to show you some sweet special things. Little things that say.... I  Love  You....

Beautiful Red Roses that Last forever

Homemade and decorated cookies from our neighbor Michelle

  Homemade Cinnamon Rolls & Chocolate from our
 dear friend Paula M.

Chocolate Eclairs and a Hersheys Chocolate Bar for my wonderful  husband. (His favorites)


    Homemade pink Chocolate chip cookies from two darling little
neighbor girls named Ella and Lucy. Thankyou you sweet girls!

   Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and a beautiful card  
from my loving husband


       Homemade cupcakes from our oldest granddaughter Hannah

 A gorgeous Handmade Tussie Mussie from a  new friend  Beverly.           

How grateful and blessed I feel tonight to have the wonderful family and friends that I have.

THANKYOU all for becoming my friends on this blog. It has been such a joy to have you join me these few last months.

Again.....Happy Valentines Day


P. S. I'm now going to watch the delightful movie 'Valentines Day.' It has an all star cast and is so fun and upbeat. The perfect ending to a perfect Valentines Day.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

An Affaire to Remember

Many of you have been patiently waiting to see the tables for the Valentines Birthday Luncheon that I gave last week. So today I am going to share with you some of my favorite photos.  First off I LOVE the color pink. I love other colors as well,  but pink is pretty near the top of the list. So here we go. Enjoy!

  Simple but Elegant
Some of the tables were covered with a pale pink tablecloth and then a white crocheted or white lace tablecloth over the top
Simple cream/white plates with gold rims are at each place setting.
The salad plates are not on the large plates as each person was served their salad.

The goldware I procured one placesetting at a time when our children were small. 

The placecards had not yet been put on the tables when this photo was taken.

This is one of the centerpieces I made for the tables (I made a total of two of these).  I took a tall footed glass vase and filled it about two thirds full of plain white sugar. I had alot of pastel pink candy sticks on hand that I had purchased from a local candy store in bulk.  I stuck  several of them in the sugar going around the inside of the rim. Then I added some silk fowers I already had. Then added few pink glittered hearts on long pics that I found at the dollar store. I then wrapped pale pink ribbon  few inches below the rim and  tyed bows with short streamers on both sides of the vase. Then added some sticky glittered hearts on the center of the bows and on the sides.

This view is from an upstairs balcony looking down.

          The next few photos are of a table just for four. You can see the placecards on this this table. 

        Gold chargers and salad plates were added to these placesettings.  I sprinkled pink silk rose petals around the table.


   Old Fashioned Tussie Mussie Favors

I made 'Tussie Mussies' out of scrapbook paper for the favors. I will give a tutorial of how to do it in a later post.   I wrapped candies in the pale pink tulle and put it in the cone. Add then added shredded pink paper to the inside and hot glued more at the bottom of the cones. I had wrapped dyed and crinkled seam binding around the center and hot glued a little silk rose in the center. Some  of the cones had a pale pink seam binding ribbon and some had raspberry colored seam binding ribbon.  I used colors to match the little flowers in the scrapbook paper.


             The placecards that I made. See the earlier post
        and tutorial.

   This is an antique teapot that is filled with pale pink
 paper roses and silk  flowers.     
           I added soft pink tulle bunched up under all  the
 centerpieces.  I love the effect that it gives.


                This truly was an  ' Affaire to Remember.'  

Thankyou for joining me today. 

Lauries Valentine Party
Tickled Pink Fridays
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