Monday, February 6, 2012

And the Winner is.................

Good Morning dear friends and readers. Sixty three comments were made on my First Giveaway post for these two darling sets of

Valentines Heart Shaped Saucers and Tea Cups.

And the winner is..........

....going to love this cute tea set. But 

WOW!!! I've got to get it mailed off because Valentines Day is just nine days away if you can believe it. Where has the time gone too?

Say what do you have planned for Valentines Day? I wish we were going to an island getaway... somewhere tropical .... where it is nice and warm and sunny!!

Instead... we're stuck here in Utah where Mother Nature can not make up her will be nearly 50 degrees today!

I am hoping it doesn't go back to continual snowing like last year!!

On Saturday I gave a Valentines Birthday Luncheon for some of the loveliest ladies from my church.

It took me all week to get ready for it. First I had to wash all the linens for the tables.

And even though it was a bit chilly I hung them outside to dry.

Of course I needed to iron them.

Then I made alot of heart shaped foods.

I'd already made the invitations

And given them out

And finally the day came and I set the table

And each person had their own placecard that I had made
It turned out to be a wonderful event. (The real photos will be shown in a post later this
Oh!! I almost forgot... here I am rambling and rambling.... and you are patiently waiting to hear... the winner of the Valentine Tea Cups and Saucers

.......... drum roll please!!

It's Nellie from Berries and More

Thanks for joining me today. And thankyou to ALL who posted comments to enter.
 Also I want to thank Cheryl from for her cute blog post inspiration, help and photos and MaryJane from for her photos.

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New bies Party


Nellie said...

Oh, my! Nann, I am BEYOND excited!! That is just amazing! I will see about sending you email with my contact information!

Thank you SO much!!

Bliss said...

Boy from start to finish that meal really aged you!

Can't wait to see the photos.


Alycia Nichols said...

I'm so glad to know your event went well!!! I can't wait to see the photos! Congratulations to Nellie, too!

Anne said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely blog, Nann! I just got back to blogging myself, and was happy to find yours!

Anonymous said...

I loved the way you put this together with all the old pics! Adorable....I'm sure your party was a big hit! Thanks for sharing and Have a Happy Valentines Day!<3

Peggy Calhoun

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nellie! Beautiful Blog Lady Nann. Happy Valentines day! ~Roberta

Unknown said...

What a great post! Thanks for sharing! JoAnn Rogers 1890 Angelia drive Murray Ky 42071 I'll keep the lights on for ya! Bring a coat,60 today, 21 by the end of the week! I bet we could have Joann

Anonymous said...

This was just too cute Nancy! I loved it! GM

Domesblissity said...

Congratulations Nellie! I can't wait to hear how your luncheon went Nann. I bet it was beautiful!

Anne xx

Anonymous said...

You are so cute Nann!!! I love coming to your page. Congrats to Nellie!!!
Love, Dee

Unknown said...

Oh Lady Nann, this is such an innovative blog post. Sheer delight!

Anonymous said...

Grandmere Lovestobake here Lady Nann--what a cute giveaway! Lucky Nellie! I was out for the past 2 weeks and did not get signed up--next one do such a great job with your blog Nancy!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!

Cheryl said...

Woohoo!!! Congratulations to Nellie!!! You are so generous to give such a wonderful gift, Nann!!
That was quite a bit of laundry and ironing you had to do for your luncheon!! heehee!!! Sounds like it was a wonderful time and I just know the food was divine!!! Love the blog post and can't wait to see more!!!
Have a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Nellie... Lady Nann I just loved the photos and anticipation. That was fun...

MeganSchwitzingWorks said...

How sweet and humorous, Nann! :D

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