Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Shamrock Soiree....

Dear  Readers..... Before I begin I want to send our sincere condolences to Anne from....Domesblicity... on the untimely passing of her dear mother. Anne is from Austrailia and it is because of blogging I have come to know and love her. Our prayers are with you and your family Anne, that you may have peace and be comforted by our Lord and Savior. 

Last week  we decided to make a surprise visit to one of our daughters. It's a very long drive (11 hours) through 3 states. But our daughter was So surprized and happy to see us. We hugged and cried for joy. But alas as the week progressed her precious 9 month old baby became very sick with bronchial problems and had to be hospitalized. We were grateful we were there to be able to help her and her husband with the other children and be a support to them.

   This is 'Dellie.' That is her nickname but her brothers (3, 4 & 10) like to call her 'Dellie Bean.' And she is such a precious baby.  They were able to bring her home from the hospital a few days ago and she is doing fine now but still has to have numerous breathing treatments daily.

I am now back home at my computer and it's been a week since I posted.   Even though it is now over
I wanted to share our St. Patricks Day Dinner and table.
(Not held on St. Pats Day though).

      I put a white lace cloth on my counter and held it buffet style.
Slow cooker smothered pork chops, velvety mashed potatoes and rich gravy were at the beginning. Of course we added our green shamrocks of parlsey to each dish to make them officially 'Irish'.
        Next came the tried and true 'green bean casserole.'   
Notice the white serving spoons. I purchased these at a Chinese Supermarket several years ago and we just love them. They make a large generous scoop and even the grandkids can easily hold them to help themselves. And they are quite inexpensive.

           And of course  fresh tossed green salad with a choice of dressings.

 FRESH Steamed and glazed asparagus....
 my husbands very favorite (recipe given in a future post)       

 OUR neighbor Michelle brought her crusty homemade artisan bread that she colored green for this special occasion.
And for dessert... everyone had a cupcake that they frosted and decorated to their liking. (And of course it was green & white)

 Some of the grandkids 'decorated' the center of the  table with fun St. Patricks Day things. To make this large of table that seats 10-12, I put two 6 ft. oblong banquet type tables together. To seat 16, I put 3 of the tables together. And it works!
      A green tablecloth was put on first and
then a white lace tablecloth was put over it. There was a third table that seated 8 that was also decorated with a green and white checked tablecloth and the same centerpieces. Since the group was so large  including many small children, we used cute  St.Patricks Day paper napkins, plates and plastic cutlery for the placesettings. The kids LOVED it. ( I think the 'kid' in the adults did

While visiting our daughter I found a new Homegoods store just a couple of miles from her home. Boy did I luck out. They still had darling Shamrock dishes left and I bought my share including the last five dinner plates, a few salad plates, little green bowls, a sugar bowl with lid and a cute little teapot. And here are the plates!
For this tablesetting I put a green placemat (dollar store)  and two of the shamrock plates from Homegoods.  The salad plates were marked down to $2 and the dinner plates to $2.50.  What a buy!! And all the other Shamrock things were marked way down too. I really cleaned up on this sale. Also I bought some beautiful green goblets from the dollar store to round out the table. Several people have already asked where I got them because they sure don't look like they were only $1.

THANKYOU for joining me for our Shamrock Soiree. Its always nice to have you come by. Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated. 

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Shabby chic Sandy said...

First of all--so sorry for the passing of your friends Mother. That is hard.

Second-- your Granddaughter is adorable! Isn't it precious how they can smile when I am sure she isn't feeling up to par. When Janae was little she got whooping cough--it was so scarey and seeing your little Granddaughter reminds me of that.

Third--I wish I had dinner with you on St Patricks day! I think we had hamburger helper or something pathetic like that:) Your dinner looks fabulous!

Enjoyed your post--have a great day!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Such a cute table and yummy food. I am so glad your Grandgirl is doing better. That is so scary when they are little like that. Sorry for the passing of your friends Mother as that is never easy. Hugs, Linda

Nellie said...

I hope your little granddaughter will recover quickly! Ours has to go the breathing treatment route on occasion.
Our daughter's wedding was actually held on St. Patrick's Day, so our meal was served on Sunday with a bit of a hurried put-together. I usually serve traditional corned beef from the slow cooker, but not this year.:-)
Thoughts and prayers for Anne and her family at this time.

Tablescapes By Diane said...

Hi lovely lady.
Im so Happy you got to your daughter house Ok, and your sweet Dellie is doing better now poor Baby. she has a Beautiful Smile. Your St.Patricks Day dinner looks Yummy.
Thanks so much for your comments on my Easter Tablescape. Hope you and your family have a wonderful week with your family.
XXOO Diane

Anonymous said...

Hi Nann-

So sorry to hear about Anne's mother. I understand how sad it is to lose a loved one.

I'm so glad Dellie is doing better and hope she has no long term affects from her ilness.

Love the green bread! Love the cute table setting. Looks like you had a wonderful meal.

Thanks for dropping by my party Nann. I always love seeing what new things you have to share!

Kathleen said...

So glad that sweet baby is ok! My son has i dau and 3 boys too!
I love those dishes, and yes! What a buy! Did they have enough for a table?
Thanks again for joining in the crawl.
Come back tomorrow at & PM for the start of the new party, Let's Dish! It is going to be fun, and the challenge for April is being announced.
I hope you'll stop by!
Sorry about Ann's mom. Always difficult!

Michele said...

What a wonderful post!

First, I am so sorry about lil Dellie. She is a cutie pie! I am so glad you were with them all - there is nothing like Grandparents when there's a crisis.

Dealing with this horrible bronchial and lung infection I am extra sensitive to that little angel, it is SCARY when the tubes close up and breathing is impossible. I am praying for her!

As for your SPD feast, wow - beautiful table and FORGEOUS food, you sure know how to put on the feasting, lady!

Prayers and hugs.

Unknown said...

What a sweet baby!she is lovely,glad she is better. I was wondering, where you were . Hope you had a wonderful trip. Oh, you are so blessed to have a large family.I have one son and one grand daughter, wish for more . Your table is beautiful THanks for sharing JoAnn

Domesblissity said...

Oh my lovely dear Nann. I haven't checked any blogs for days and I just thought I'd check a couple of my absolute favourites tonight before turning in for the night and I can't believe my eyes. I feel so blessed to have met you online and to know that you have mentioned me on your blog with your sympathies is so, so comforting. Thank you to all your commenters as well. We've still got the funeral to get through on Monday coming but the Lord is giving us the strength we need. I hope to be back to regular posting as soon as possible.

My best wishes Nann,
Anne xx

Bliss said...

You make everything look special and yummy. Even your grandkids look so cute I want to eat them up!


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Happy that you shared your St. Patrick'e Day buffet ~ it all looks so festive, fun and delicious!

Precious little Dellie! Great to hear she is doing better.

Debbiedoos said...

Hi Nann! So happy you joined my newbie party and share the festivities. Thank you. My new URL is

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Hi Nann, Your granddaughter is adorable and I'm so glad she's feeling better. Thanks for sharing all your gorgeous food pics. How nice of your neighbor to bring over the green bread.

Ivy and Elephants said...

Oh, you had me at those smothered pork chops and mashed potatoes and gravy! Boy howdy, those are some good eats!!! I'm looking forward to the asparagus recipe, it's my daughters fav.
Your little granddaughter is adorable, I'm so glad she's all better.

Rettabug said...

Sweet Nann...I just loved seeing your sweet granddaughter, Dellie & I'm sl glad to hear she is doing well now. Thank God you were there to lend a hand! Perfect timing!

I also love every inch of your St. Patrick's Day food. I have never seen GREEN bread & I am making a note to try doing some next year.

I hope you post or perhaps have already posted the recipe for the smothered pork chops. That is one meat that I have a really hard time doing right...always seem to over cook them.

Re: Pinterest, please don't give it another thought. I've been blogging for 3 yrs. & I've only now become aware of all the ramifications of putting one's photos up onto the web. And I thought I was careful & cautious but obviously not enough. You did nothing wrong. I've just changed my mind about Pinterest entirely until they change their TOService.

Mega Hugs & thanks for understanding,

Debbie said...

Since I have a daughter 11 hours and 3 states away too, I know how excited you were to see her and how grateful you were to be there exactly when most needed!

I love your shamrock meal and shamrock table. The way you set the place setting with the crisscrossed flatware and shamrock is my favorite part. That was just so whimsical!

Anonymous said...

Glad to read that "Dellie" is okay.
What a wonderful St. Paddy's Day feast buffet!
Visiting from Let's Dish.

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