Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mama J's Fudgey Cashew Pie & Easy Cheesy Savory Beef Rollups

GREETINGS...Last year I entered our State Fair for the FIRST time.  Here is a short video that I did last week telling about the fun contests you can enter...and win money. I won a total of $750 for my recipes and foods and was totally shocked.  Thought I'd share it with you. It was FUN being on TV.... although we had to get up at 4am (yawn) ...for the 6:50am live show....Good Morning Utah!

THANKS for dropping by,





Michele said...

Nann that is wonderful!

And it is awesome seeing you back in blogville, yay.

Big hugs to you my sweet friend!

Bliss said...

You have never let my stomach down yet!

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Nancy, you are a gourmet cutie for sure! Loved watching you on t.v. What a fabulous cook you are!

Unknown said...


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Gypsy Heart said...

Absolutely wonderful!! So happy for you...


Anonymous said...

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